Your Favorite Men’s Kdrama Hat

This is where I’d love input from others!  I’ll show you my favorite hat but I’d love to know what other people like and I’ll put your favorites up on this site.  If I can find hats for sale that are close to what you like, I’ll post where to find your favorites, too.

Classic Healer

This is, of course, Ji Chang Wook, 지창욱, in Healer.  You can find the kdrama Healer at Viki.  This show has a 9.8 rating for a reason — it’s funny, exciting, touching and Ji Chang Wook’s clothes are the best!

Ji Chang Wook Healer Episode One kdrama mens fashionHat glasses Ji Chang Wook Healer Episode One kdrama mens fashion

While it is difficult to see detail in this photo, you can see the basic shape.  It’s a black, square-sided, military style brimmed hat.  The crown looks to be about 4 inches, if you include the hat band.

The brim length is harder to gauge from these photos.  Military style brimmed hat brims come in two distinct lengths and each gives a different look.  This looks like a three to four-inch brim.  The shorter ones are all under two and a half inches.

Class Hyun Bin

This style hat also made an appearance in The Swindlers (꾼),a movie staring Hyun Bin (현빈) and Yoo Ji Tae, also from Healer.  You can also view this movie here.

Hyun Bin hat IIIHyun Bin hat IIHyun Bin hat I


The shape of the military style hat is very different from a baseball cap.  A baseball cap is made of six or seven triangles sewn at the top with no external hat band.  Here’s a few photos to illustrate this:


baseball hat with writing

A military style hat has a external hat band, and a flat, circular crown.  Like so:

military hat annotated

Consequently, the profile of this hat is very different from a baseball hat.  I can’t tell you how many baseball hats I tried on and rejected before I realized that they weren’t the same style hat at all.

Here’s where you can find these hats at all sorts of prices.

Black Military Hat

Can’t beat the price on this one from District.  You can find it for $7.18 from the Deal Rack

military hat DT605_Black

This is a really nice hat made by Outdoor Research, priced at $27.95 and found at


military hat shoes

Here’s hoping you look as badass as Ji Chang Wook and Hyun Bin.




Lee Jong Hyun in Evergreen from Kdrama Mens Fashion


I’m very much enjoying Lee Jong Hyun and Kim So Hyun in Evergreen.  You can find this kdrama at Drama Fever.  Lee Jong Hyun is also a member of CNBlue and appears in one of my favorite music videos as Mr. Ambiguous.  You can find this great video of Mamamoo at Mr. Ambiguous by Mamamoo.  Okay, maybe you didn’t miss me but I took five minutes out to watch that video again.  It’s the best.  Also, the women’s clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamamoo Mr. AbiguousLee Jong Hyun with Mamamoo

But back to the clothes

In Evergreen, Lee Jong Hyun wears some great clothes.  I’m showing just a simple mock turtleneck sweater vest in this post.

Evergreen Lee Jong Hyun Navy vest

The screenshots of Lee Jong Hyun in Evergreen from Dramafever

It’s a little hard to see the detail in this one so I found this other shot which shows that it’s ribbed.

Evergreen Lee Jong Hyun Navy vest ribbed

Nice, huh.  Also, I’m including this photo which shows it’s length.

Evergreen Lee Jong Hyun Navy vest II

Where to find something similar

The first one isn’t navy blue.  It isn’t ribbed and the turtleneck collar turns down.  But turtleneck vests are pretty have to find and this one also comes in black, brown and khaki and at $32.00 it’s pretty nice.

Gray turtleneck sweater

Find it at Gray turtleneck vest

Getting closer

This one comes in navy.  It’s ribbed.  The turtleneck does fold down so it’s not a mock turtleneck but does it make that much difference?  That’s up to you to decide.  It comes in for around $68.00 at Navy ribbed vest

Beige ribbed turtleneck vest

I’ll keep looking for the mock turtleneck and get back with you if I find one.  In the meantime check out the nice black turtleneck sweater in an earlier post at Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook

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Ji Chang Wook from Kdrama Mens Fashion

Just for Fun

Just for fun and because I’m really busy today, I’m posting a lovely picture of Ji Chang Wook and linking you to another site with a picture of Chang Wook just before going into the Army: 1st Look magazine photo shoot.   This photo below isn’t from a drama — at least not that I know of — but I’m missing Ji Chang Wook now that he’s in the army. Starting next week I’m going to do a week long series on Ji Chang Wook’s opening costume in Healer.  So many parts to that costume.

Ji Chang Wook v neck sweater twead jacket

Ji Chang Wook

V-neck library boyfriend sweater

I love this sweater worn with the ubiquitous black turtle neck.  Apparently, if you want to look like a kdrama star you need the black turtle neck.  I found one for you in this earlier post: Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook

The sweater you can find at: Library Boyfriend Sweater

Library Boyfriend Sweater



More on Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook from Kdrama Men’s Fashion

So here we have some of the same clothes as a few days ago but with an emphasis on what Gong Yoo is wearing. These are some detail shots.

Goblins Gong Yu Yoo and Lee Dong Wook Episode 10 II

Screenshots of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook from Dramafever

Goblins Gong Yu Yoo and Lee Dong Wook Episode 10

So, once again we have his black turtle neck, this time paired with a toggle-buttoned short jacket in sage green with potentially a ribbed but certainly a knit collar and piping at the hem. Still looking for this one. I really like the toggle buttons.

The Parka

The not cheap but reasonable alternative

This is a pretty nice coat at $300.00.  It’s styling is a little plain but it does have the advantage of being ivy green and not military green.  It’s also about the right length to match Gong Yoo’s.  You can find it at Ivy green fur trimmed hooded parka

Ivy Green Fur-trimmed Hooded Parka

This one:

Manmix hooded parka

is not as bright green (ah, military green is very popular!)  and instead of two patch pockets there’s a zippered chest pocket. The fur on the fur-trimmed hood looks pretty high quality for the price.

Manmix hooded parka fur

You can find this parka for $104.00 at zip parka with hood at Yesstyle

The cheap alternative:

Here’s another one (sorry about the blurry photo). With this one you get the square chest pockets. Still not super green.

Terry style hooded parka

This one’s available for $80.00 at Square pocket green parka

There’s a great site that finds accessories and more for Goblin at Momokorea

Stay tuned for more Kdrama men’s fashion!



Jang Geun Suk in Switch

You can always count on a costumer to dress Jang Geun Suk in some pretty mighty clothes because he looks so good in them.  See You’re Beautiful with Jang Geun Suk for an Episode One look.

Switched Jang Geun Suk 1st episode

I like a nice double-breasted overcoat. Note the wide lapels and the nice choice of which way they positioned the stripe on the lapels.

Switched Jang Geun Suk 1st episode definitely double breasted

This is another view of it from behind. It has nice flow.

Switched Jang Geun Suk 1st episode II

Another, with close-up. The fabric is really nice — it looks like a Glen plaid.

Switched Jang Geun Suk 1st episode close-up for fabric

I couldn’t find this coat yet. I’m still looking so check back but I did find this cool coat while searching. It isn’t double-breasted. It isn’t Glen plaid. It doesn’t have wide lapels but it’s still a nice coat:

block checked half coat

You can find for around $82.00 at Cool block square coat

Stay tuned to Kdrama Men’s Fashion

Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook

Compare and Contrast

One of the costuming things that I notice in this show is how Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook are often shown together but dressed as if they are going to different events:

Goblins Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook II

Screenshots of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook from Dramafever

Here it is Lee Dong Wook looking very un-grim-reaperish in a snow white dress coat with a standard collared shirt and a magnificent baby blue sweater. Contrast this with Gong Yu’s dark turtleneck — they love turtlenecks in this show — zippered shirt and fur-trimmed hooded parka.  Check out the following link for more on Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook: More on Gong Yu (Yoo) and Lee Dong Wook

And here, it’s the opposite:

Goblins Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook I

Gong Yu, looking very elegant in a thin black turtleneck (no!), sage green long coat with a brushed velvet collar. Whoa! Lee Dong Wook is now the one wearing a fur-trimmed parka. The grim reaper looks more reaperish here but I wonder if they put white trim on him to show us his soft good-guy interior!

Starting with Lee Dong Wook:

Light blue crew-neck cabled sweater — not much luck on the cabled but there are a range of prices on the light blue crew-neck parts:

The Cheapest

The cheapest at $23.95 in 90% polyester is found at Baby blue crewneck sweater

Goblins Gong Yu Yoo and Lee Dong Wook Episode 10 light blue sweater

The not-so-cheap but still reasonable

At roughly $97.00 dollars is this mongolian cashmere sweater: Mongolian cashmere sweater

Goblins Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook II baby blue cashmere sweater


Here’s a cable sweater that comes in blue. I guess it’s kind a mystery what color blue it is as there’s no picture:

Goblins Gong Yu and Lee Dong Wook II blue cable sweater

It’s a nice looking sweater, though, for around $26.00 at cable sweater in blue blue

White long overcoat

The Cheap alternative:

Not wool, black buttons but at around $43.00, still cool. Personally, I’d swap out the buttons for white: White overcoat with black buttons

Goblin Cruiize Mens long Peacoat with black buttons

The not-so-cheap but still reasonable:

The wool/nylon/cashmere blend alternative: not all white — it has a black collar — but is still a stylish coat for around $299.00:  White coat with black collar

For Gong Yu
Fur-trimmed hooded parka

The Cheap alternative:

The Cheap alternative: At around $60.00, it is 100% polyester with faux fur: Fur trimmed hooded parka

Goblins Gong Yu Yoo and Lee Dong Wook Episode 10 cheap alternative parka

The not-so-cheap but still reasonable:

A pretty beautiful parka: You pay for it at around $800.00 but it’s a nice coat: fur trimmed green parka

Goblin Gong Yoo parka with fur Kdrama mens fashion

On both of them:
The thin silk or cashmere black turtleneck

The Cheap alternative:

At around $25.00, it is 100% polyester:  Polyester black turtle neck

The not-so-cheap but still reasonable

Beautiful piece of clothing: Was $400.00 now on sale at $199.00, this is 100% cashmere at  Black cashmere turtle neck



Stay tuned to Kdrama Men’s Fashion!

You’re Beautiful with Jang Geun Suk

The Beginning of Kdrama Men’s Fashion Mania

So, starting at the beginning — the beginning for me anyway. I’d been watching Kdramas for a year or two. I’d noticed the clothes, of course, but this was the first time I wanted to wear everything that a character got to wear. Possibly this is because Jang Geun Suk wears very androgenous clothes in You’re Beautiful. For example:

You're Beautiful Jang Geun Suk Lee Hong Ki Jung Yong Hwa I

Screenshot of Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Ki from Viki

Shiny, close-fitting translucent material with silver flecks definitely screams androgenous. Somehow, I can hear the costumer looking at the shirt and thinking — this needs something — it needs a matching infinity scarf. And it does.

I also love how strongly the fashion choices mark the three characters. Jang Geun Suk is the tempermental flashy flower boy. Jung Yong Hwa is the classic masculine 2nd lead — are the black skinny lapels on the gray vest great or what? And Lee Hong Ki is the sporty friend. The costumer clearly thought out this shot because the three of them look great together. The white on Jung Yong Hwa balances with Lee Hong Ki’s light hair and they form a great backdrop for sparkly Jang Geun Suk.

Also, check out the following link on Jang Geun Suk in Switch: Jang Geun Suk in Switch

More to come about You’re Beautiful from Kdrama Men’s Fashion!

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